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Company Profile

PT Sarana Karya Utama or also known as Sakatama, the toll manufacturing industry especially co -packing industry of powdered food in indonesia. Our company is one of many business unit of Anugerah Corporation which have major business activities in health, wellness and fitness industries.

Sakatama established in April 2003 with the line of business provider of toll manufacturing, our factory is one of the service providers toll manufacturing of multinational consumer goods company that provides filling and packaging for chocolate powder drinks packaging in sachets and pouch (bag in box).

In March 2013, PT Sakatama relocated to the more profitable as food manufacturers as well as a more strategic in business development to the next. Occupies the area of 16000 square meters, and a new factory in the Industrial area of Gresik, PT Sakatama turned into a consumer goods company which has a high specification in terms of hygiene, sanitary, good manufacturing practice and food safety.

A variety of certification has been achieved by sakatama among other things the Sedex/SMETA in 2011, Hygiene and Sanitary Certification of NADFC (BPOM) and certify Food Safety System Certification 22000 by 2013. To further solidify the role of the Sakatama in doing business professionally insightful environment then in 2014, Sakatama is in the process of certification ISO 14001.

With experience and a reliable resource, we are going to contribute presents food that is healthy and good quality for the community. Our services are base on perfect quality by holding responsible in safety, health and environment ensuring all the process to deliver the best services for customer.