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NADFC - Hygiene and Sanitary

Food safety is the needs of the community, because the food is safe will protect and prevent the occurrence of disease or other health disorders. Food security is basically an attempt of sanitary hygiene, nutrition and food safety. Food Sanitation Hygiene is a factor in the control of food, people, places and equipment that may cause disease or other health disorders.

Hygiene is the study of the health and prefentation of the disease which means it is the science of health and the prevention of the onset of the disease. Hygiene is a discipline that studies how to live healthy and how to reach hygienic conditions (hygiene condition). Instructional materials based on Hse (health and safety), the sense of cleanliness is an attempt to protect, nurture and sustain and improve human health degrees, so it is not disrupted or affected pregnant from all health disorders.

Sanitation is an attempt that prioritizes public health or stress on supervision against various environmental factors that affect the level of the degree of human health. Sanitation is an attempt against the environmental factors that control can be a chain of transmission of the disease.

Understanding sanitation leads to concrete efforts in realizing the conditions of hygiene and this is expressed with the implementation in laangan in the form of cleanup, Setup, sterilization, spraying pests, and the like. Therefore, if the destination is a hygienic, sanitary is real action to achieve those goals. To implement it then needed a system that regulates the implementation of hygienic and sanitary.

PT Sarana Karya Utama has done a Sanitary and Hygiene certification by the National Agency for Drug and Food Control (BPOM) in June 2013 and still maintaining the conditions required as part of the awareness participated in the assuring quality products that are safe in the community consumption.