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Our Services

We are a service company that caters to other companies in the field of contract manufacturing of beverage products. Contract Manufacturing or Toll Manufacturing is an activity aimed at leveraging the utility factory that still hasn't been fullest to produce orders from other company brands, orders from other companies can be a process of transforming raw materials into finished products or semi-finished products to finished product.

We offer high quality in filling process, packing process and promo bundling services.

We create customized products/services  for all products type, e.i :

1. Juices

2. Milk powder

3. Cereal

4. Oatmeal

5. Food Supplement

6. Powder Beverages


Filling and packing Process.

All of our package machines  answer the market requirements for more flexibility for the

packaging design . They are from reliable machine manufactures  to ensure the performance of our products, which comply to  the food and beverage requirements.


Size is available for :

-     2 g  -     35 g   sachet

- 100 g  -  1000 g   pouch



They are designed from bag making, filling, sealing until package cutting  for high performance and reliability at low investment and operating costs, likewise :

     • customer's choice

     • continuous or intermittent mode upon

     • for free flowing, pourable or paste-like products

     • for all heat sealable wrapping materials and PE films

     • for pillow, gusseted or block bottom bags with a volume of up to 1000 cm³

     • nearly wear- and maintenance-free operation

     • quick and easy size change

     • compact, operator-friendly design

     • programmable control

Many kind of bag shapes cam be operated :