Toll Manufacturing

Every business presents challenges. To succeed in a certain industry, the company must come up with smart strategies that will propel it ahead of the competition.

One strategy that can help some industries is toll manufacturing

PT. Sarana Karya Utama is a toll company providing manufacturing services for another company, starting formulation product, mixing raw materials, packing semi finished product, or bundled finished product for promo purpose.

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There are many benefits in hiring a toll manufacturing company :

Subcontracting the manufacturing work to another company makes it easier to achieve production efficiency. Because the hiring company does not need to set up a production facility, scaling up production can be done with ease because the toll manufacturer already has the necessary facilities to meet the required production volumes.

Because there is no need for capital outlay, the client benefits from good cost efficiency. The toll manufacturer is solely responsible for purchasing equipment and technology for the production. Cost savings are also achieved because there is no need to do costly planning, as well as research and development. All these can be handled by the toll manufacturer at a lower budget. Cost savings are achieved as the client does not have to maintain a large number of employees in the manufacturing facility. Managers and human resources personnel are also needed in addition to the plant workers. It can be quite expensive to maintain and run a huge manufacturing plant.

The client is also relieved from the need to rent a facility to manufacture the product. The company can actually come up with volumes of products with their small operation and without having to worry about finding and setting up a facility.

Having to maintain a manufacturing facility is a huge responsibility. Hiring a number of workers for the facility is not only costly, but it can also be a nightmare.


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PT. Sarana Karya Utama, also known as Sakatama, is a Toll Manufacturing Industry in Powder and ready-to-drink Liquid products in Indonesia. Our company is a member of business unit group of Anugerah Corporation whose major business activities are in health, wellness and fitness industries.

Established in April 2003 with the line of business being a provider of toll manufacturing, our factory is one of multinational toll manufacturing service providers for consumer goods companies that deliver powder products in sachets and pouches as well as liquid products in carton bricks.

In March 2013, we relocated Sakatama to a more profitable area as food manufacturer as well as a more strategic location for business development ahead. Occupying an area of 16,000 square meters in Industrial Area of Gresik, Sakatama has turned into a consumer goods company which has a high specification in terms of hygiene, sanitary, good manufacturing practice and food safety.

A variety of certifications have been obtained by Sakatama, such as SEDEX in 2011, GMP certificate from NADFC/BPOM, Food Safety System Certification 22000, and implementation of Halal Assurance System. To further solidify the role of Sakatama in doing business professionally for an effective environmental management system, we get ISO 14001.

With our experience as a reliable resource, we are going to contribute food that is healthy and good quality for people. Our services are based on perfect quality by holding responsibility in safety , health and environment, and ensuring all the process is delivered in best services.

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